Track Record

Water Treatment



PWT Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd., Australia

Pipe Spools, Air Ducting, Scrubber Pump Pipe Works, Secondary Combustion Chamber, Flue Gas Spool, Clarifier

Thames Water Pty. Ltd., Australia

Sand Filter, Clarifier Internal

Thames Water Projects Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Liquid Alum Storage Tanks, Lime Silos

Thames Water Projects Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Chemical Tanks

US Filter Pty. Ltd., Australia

Air Receiver, Filter. Storage Tanks, Desalination Sand Filter, Degassifier, Clarifier

US Filter (M) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Pressure Filter

Organo Asia, Malaysia

Cation, Anion Exchangers, Carbon Filters

Hyflux Ltd., Singapore

Air Separation Vessels, Surge Vessels, Saturation Vessels

Andritz AG, Austria

Disc Filter, Circulating Pipes

Andritz SA, France

Hydrasands Filter

3M Cuno

Cartridge Filters

Ulbrich Australia


Pulp & Paper



Kvaerner Pulping AB, Sweden

Chemical Recovery Boiler Building, Carbon Steel Tanks, 100m Flue Gas Stack, Evaporation & Recausticizing Structures, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Tanks Platform for Digester, Stainless Steel Tanks - 15m Diameter, Recausticizing Plant

Kvaerner Hymac, Norway

Stainless Steel Disc Filters

Kvaerner Pulping, Singapore

Steaming Vessel Screw, Structural Steel, Stainless Steel Cyclones, Stainless Steel Tanks





Blissfox Ground Support Equipment

Tow Tractor for Boeing 747s

TLD Asia

Maintenance Platforms

GE Aviation Engineering

Augmentor Tube, Exhaust Stack Noise Dampener

Cenco US

Air Start Tanks for Jet Engine Testing Facility

UMW Engineering Malaysia

Lavatory Tanks, Water Tanks


Other Industries



ABB Sweden

Stairs & Walkways


Structural Steel / Skids / Tanks, Pig Launcher

Kvaerner Power OY, Finland

Dissolving Tank, Gas Ducting, Ducting and Tanks, Coal Silos

Megasteel, Malaysia

Roller Hearth Furnace

Amsteel, Malaysia

Tundish Equipment

Kvaerner Process

Vane Element, Stainless Steel Internal of Pressure Vessel, Stainless Steel Tanks and Tray

Dayen Engineering Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Wet Ash Extractor

Hartasuma Bhd., Malaysia

Structural Steelworks

VA Tech

Ducting, Pipeworks

Impsa Malaysia

Ship to Shore Crane Components Ship to Shore Crane Components, Portal Beams, Lower Equaliser Beams, Machinery House Platform

Priority Engineering Australia

Jigs and Fixtures for Automotive Assembly Lines, Hydrotest Rig

Bloxwich Malaysia

Automotive Pulleys